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Hands on Compassion Campaign

$332,628 raised

$2,800,000 goal

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Hands on Compassion Campaign

For the last 25 years Caring Hands Outreach Center has served neighbors in need by offering immediate relief, food, and other basic necessities. We continued to mobilize compassion despite the strains the 2020 pandemic put upon our volunteers, donors, and infrastructure.

The pandemic put into clear focus what we already knew – the need to expand and grow. Not only in our ministries, but the physical space where we gather, collect donations, and support our residents. Our dream is to expand to a larger location.

The Hands on Compassion Campaign will allow us to better accommodate the food pantry, enhance the Second Hand Treasure experience, and reopen the Clothes Hanger. In addition, the Campaign will allow us to further create and support ministries that lift individuals and families up and out of the cycle of poverty through mentoring, counseling, and the acquisition of work skills.

Please give us a hand in making this dream a reality and make a generous donation today.